GDPR Data Compliance Guide

A need-to-know guide to GDPR and Data Compliance.

What do I need to know about GDPR?

Download the white paper to receive a free summary on data compliance regulations that continue to affect the marketing industry.

This pdf guide includes all the key requirements of the new GDPR legislation, including:

What is GDPR?
What is defined as ‘Personal Data’?
How GDPR changed consumer privacy and data collection.
Essential steps to secure data compliance.

Why are GDPR requirements still important?

Understanding GDPR is crucial in safe-guarding your own business and any external partnerships – especially those that involve the movement of data.

With fines of up to £20 million or 4% of annual turnover, these laws have already made businesses from all industries reassess their standard practices. As we’ve already seen, thousands of them have had to update their processes across the board to ensure data compliance.

However, even though the regulation is already in effect, many marketers and Publishers are still struggling to meet the GDPR’s new requirements: even now, US sites are continuing to block their EU audience post-GDPR.

With this in mind, Convertr has partnered with experts at Data Compliant to produce a concise, need-to-know guide to EU GDPR that you can download here.

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