Grow Your Business By Doubling Down On MarTech

Today’s economic climate is forcing businesses to look inward at where they can reduce costs - they need solutions that allow them to do more with less.

How can businesses navigate the current economic landscape?

There is no doubt that the world has reached an economic inflection point. The cost-of-living crisis, soaring interest rates and political unrest are creating significant challenges, from the boardroom to households – inflation is affecting everyone.

Although we can expect to see CPI inflation set to return to 2% target by end of 2024, prices are cumulatively set to be 20% higher compared to the start of 2021. While this likely means that a recession will be avoided, businesses still need to look at doubling down on marketing spend if they wish to build structural and fiscal resilience.

In this paper, we’ll take a look at learnings from previous recessions and times of economic struggle, and how this can shed light on how businesses should navigate the current economic landscape. We’ll also share why now is the time to invest in MarTech, and how Convertr is paving the way for significant transformational change within the demand generation space.

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