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View the latest Convertr platform release notes with the most up to date information on the newest features, recent improvements, and bug fixes.

Version 3.80.1

Released 2020/07/29

New Features
  • V1 ON24 Connected App
  • Rollout of “Conditional Data Append” job (this is for multi-touch leads)
  • V1 Twilio Connected App
  • Added Leads > View "Current Status" and "Delivered" status to Leads section
  • Adding CSV downloads for main listing tables
  • Added date_format and milliseconds filter to processr jobs
  • Added new constraints to form builder for various telephone number formats
  • Added PUT option for the HTTP Post Integration Job
  • New filter to pass hardcoded value: |hardcode
  • Added E2E tag for deleted leads
  • Changed publisher contract amend email to support multiple contract changes

  • Updates to Selligent form lookup
  • SSO improvements (getting ready for handling multiple SSO providers on single enterprise)
  • Removed data credits consumption from create campaign
  • Sending multiple batches in same day (via batch manager)
  • Added facebook form id to facebook connected app drop down
  • ON24 custom questions storing questions and answers separately
  • E2E integration reseting fields when user change campaign
  • Added back end validation to landing pages
  • Improved leads page performance
  • Added currency option for campaign duplication
  • Improvements to the highlighting columns in Custom Tables
  • Audit log changes for publisher contracts to support multiple changes
  • Campaign import toggle in advertiser default values and campaign creation
  • Changed lead export fields to be not case sensitive
  • Increased character limit to form builder label field
  • Publisher creation added to audit log
  • Changed report build and export reports qa flags, lead status, flag reason, overall status, qa status to be consistent between all 3 reports
  • Changed lead exports and report builder to group by job id
  • Increased value transform values max length
  • Updating updatedTs on lead when lead data is updated
  • Updated list of reserved words for form builder

New Front End
  • Enterprise > Currencies migration
  • Enterprise > Channels migration
  • Lead widgets - Added Delivered Leads number
  • Leads > View - Changed logic to the map location
  • Leads > View - Added sticky side panel

  • Added more validation for cookie tracking, this is related to issue where non existing publisher was assigned leads on campaign
  • Removed duplicate fields from report builder
  • Report builder 2nd check status and flag reason naming for conditions
  • Breadcrumbs for reporting section
  • Last login timestamp not being logged
  • Insights leads modal
  • Value manipulations when in some cases it wasn’t running with empty replace value
  • Multi field deduplication when field name had hashes
  • Lead jobs log time to be UTC
  • Importing form as agency
  • User company listing
  • Issue where you couldn’t create advertisers if advertiser with the same name was deleted before
  • Duplicating of campaign value transform ordering
  • Showing of sent batches for agencies of advertisers that agency don’t have access to see
  • Insights not working for multiple campaigns
  • Leads widget in some cases being empty
  • Population of links in facebook connected app
  • Widget stats accuracy
  • Value manipulations bug on future
  • Report builder issue
  • Issue where in some, very rare cases statistics api errors
  • Campaign creation issues for agency
  • Publisher notifications error
  • Advertiser breadcrumb not going to right place
  • Double percentage on Tracking > Links widget
  • Advertiser > Default settings not saving country
  • Leads page checkbox unselecting issue
  • Behaviour of Advertiser_report user
  • ON24 for publisher being required
  • Campaign > Events > Publisher filter being very slow
  • Underscores being removed from campaign name searching

Version 3.71.4

Released 2020/03/30

New Features
  • Released New Publisher section v2
  • Added "Sales Tag" modal to the Tracking > Events Page
  • Creatives > White papers > Added Campaign WP Reference column
  • Report Builder > Added Password Protect
  • Added Job groups improvements (catch all, and new condition options - ends with, contains, etc.)
  • Added Paused status to campaign status
  • Added Campaign End Date column to Batch Management > pending batches table
  • Added CSV download for insights
  • LinkedIn connected app, added converted timestamp to leads (new leads)

  • Removed Embed Tags tab
  • Removed campaignId requirement for Sales tag
  • Removed system -> packages
  • Quick campaign for agency now adds the permission to view campaign for that agency user
  • Neo Naming Change to Eightbar
  • Added Lead Id support to value transforms
  • Added landingPageUrl to the reserved words list on the form builder
  • Added validation for deleting validation lists, when they are assigned to campaigns
  • Moved System Audit to System menu
  • 2 new js form fields available - checkboxes and deviceCapture

  • Added more validation for cookie tracking, this is related to issue where non existing publisher was assigned leads on campaign
  • Fixed processing when there is no jobs or only integration job
  • Agency Users > Unable to see global lead export from v2 of the platform
  • Fixes for batching and deployments
  • Can't edit Address for Advertiser
  • Publisher can see country list now, when editing details
  • Fixed Campaign > Publishers > Email Publishers with temporary emails
  • Fixed whitepaper block ordering
  • Fixed saving lead import maps
  • Fixed always deliver dropdown

Version 3.64.12

Released 2019/12/09

New Features
  • Bombora Connected App, please speak to your CSM for more details

  • Batch integration changes for validation and delivery. Additionally we changed batches to hourly slots and added v1 release for Sent Batches to the Batch Manager
  • Add number tooltips to Live Leads and Campaign > Leads widgets
  • Improved UX journey for adding validation lists, and fixing pagination issues
  • Added in tooltip detailing absolute numbers for widgets which have abbreviated totals
  • Filtering "Campaign Manager" users list to only show agency users when adding an advertiser to the platform
  • In the campaign we have removed the Sales tags navigation
  • Publisher payout validation when amending contracts
  • Notification to show results when importing suppression list values, value transforms or advertisers in new dashboard (if user is on the same page)
  • Changed subcategory id not required for campaign anymore
  • Campaign Status filter improvements for speed
  • Changed importing of forms to improve performance, now as a user you have to select he campaign before selecting your form
  • Merge lead and campaign tabs to a new page called ‘Events’

  • Fix for Advertiser Reporting User to not see campaign creation buttons
  • Fixed validation list not importing first value
  • Fixed user activity log when user logs in (Admins only)
  • Fix for special characters not being imported correctly in some areas of the platform
  • Fix for Lead filtering not working for publishers with an email address that is no longer live
  • Fix for Agency users not being able to create tracking links due to not having permission to view the channel
  • Fixed LinkedIn sign in not redirecting correctly

Version 3.61.16

Released 2019/10/28

New Features
  • Recommended white papers - We have replaced company logo with the white paper thumbnail, so now on the 'thank you' page the thumbnail is displayed instead of the advertiser logo
  • Facebook connected app - We have added the column 'last error message' to the table meaning that you can now see if the Convertr platform had any problems pulling data from Facebook. Also, we have added an `Import All Data` button for importing lost leads and changed back end query to query leads for the last 48 hours to prevent any data being lost
  • We have merged lead tags and campaign tags into one user interface called 'Campaign Events', in terms of functionality everything has stayed the same

  • Global/Campaign lead exports - We added a new integration field, to export whether the lead was delivered or not this value is represented by 1 or 0
  • We have updated the white paper JS tags descriptions, these can be found in the white paper section of the platform
  • Updated publisher contract signing table to add the publisher name to the table
  • Updated publisher contract email wording to add the publisher name to the body of text
  • Improved value transforms import speed
  • We made a change to Google ads for unique campaign validation, this mean that you can’t add more than 1 google ads to same campaign
  • Delete button in google ads
  • Validation for value transforms field name, meaning you now can't have duplicate value transform running at once.
  • API - Updates to logs API endpoint
  • API - Updates to processr job lead endpoint

  • Fix for Advertiser Reporting User to not see campaign creation buttons

Version 3.60.5

Released 2019/10/01

New Features
  • We have rolled out our brand new campaign overview and campaign tracking links section of the platform, please log in to check it out
  • We have added dynamic date/time values to the batch integration. When mapping your fields there will now be the option to select currentDate, currentDateTime and currentTime
  • On the report builder we have added the option to set a destination path for FTP, SFTP and FTPS. This will now enable a user to send the file to a sub folder
  • We have added lead source for all new leads. This now enables us to see where specifically the data originated from eg Linkedin, Facebook, Marketo, Web hook, API, Form or Import

  • Performance improvement for campaign table ordering
  • Tracking links ordering by statistics (impressions/clicks/etc)
  • Changed facebook web-hook error handling, so we can see if and which connection is failing. Additionally we have changed our pull request to only pull last hour of records
  • API - updates to lead bulk actions
  • API - added filters to processr job leads endpoint

  • We fixed an issue where the user was unable to select the input type from the dropdown on the form builder on the safari browser
  • We fixed an issue for when a user is exporting the facebook form id and it wasn't displaying correctly

Version 3.59.10

Released 2019/09/16

New Features
  • Agency users now have the ability to add an Advertiser which will be immediately linked to their Agency group
  • Advertiser Report User is now available, this is a reduced view for advertiser users to log-in and download lead export reports
  • Report builder scheduling/sending, We have now added the new functionality where a user can set a rolling timeframe on a report and send to an external email addresses or FTP, SFTP, FTPS server

  • Connected apps: will now remove all connections for a campaign when the campaign is deleted
  • Unique link for downloading white papers, we have added some validation, so that the link will only allow you to download the white paper a max of 3 times
  • API: create publisher validation, removed some mandatory fields when having to create a new publisher via the API

  • Fixed user audit log
  • Fixed the issue where duplicates records where being added to reports via the report builder
  • API: Fixed Campaign publisher latest endpoint numbers

Version 3.58.11

Released 2019/09/04

New Features
  • We have added the ability to filter the main dashboard by campaign status, where now you can filter all campaigns by Active, Inactive, Ended and Requires Setup

  • We have now added a date limit of 1 year to all lead exports
  • We have changed the way in which we retrieve data from Facebook, we no pull the data in batches for an overall better experience
  • We have rolled out Active White Paper API for self implementing White Paper listings
  • Added “No Data” graphic for when any graphs on the platform are empty

  • Fix for non exact processr setting `|filters` causing problems
  • Fixed changing user type when enterprise hit user limit
  • Fix for Uncapped campaigns showing negative numbers on new dashboard Campaign > Overview widget
  • Fix for validation not working when marking leads as undelivered

Version 3.57.12

Released 2019/08/21

New Features
  • Back end changes to allow agency users to add advertisers
  • The Landing page that the lead was submitted on is now stored with the lead

  • Value transforms will now override other lead data with duplicate field names
  • API: /campaign-publisher-latest can now be filtered by publisher

  • Fixed issue when importing value transforms with blank fields or any values containing the character '+'
  • Fixed issue which now prevents users from submitting campaign publisher forms multiple times
  • Fixed issue when filtering leads by date to use the right timezone specified

Version 3.53.3

Released 2019/08/06

New Features
  • We have created a web-hook for users to post data from Google Ads to the Convertr platform

  • Duplication Jobs now have the option to select 'All' this option means that when a lead is processed it will check against all statuses rather than just Valid & Billable which we had previously
  • API: Now displaying the campaigns' details on the Advertiser IO endpoint
  • API: Added the amount of "held" and "processing" leads to the campaign statistics
  • API: Added a "status" filter to the Advertiser IO endpoint
  • API: Added a "status" filter to the Campaign endpoint

  • Fixed the timeout happening when deleting value transforms (value transforms of 1000+)
  • Fixed the double opt-in workflow for when the double opt-in conversion happens

Version 3.53.21

Released 2019/07/26

New Features
  • We have now made advertiser a mandatory option when creating a white paper, additionally you can edit the advertiser however only when the white paper is not associated to any campaigns.
  • We have made changes to the 'Length Check of Given Field' job, it now allows you to set up multiple configurations within the same job eg reference more than one field.

  • Marketo Connected App were we have changed the polling time to be hourly due to performance issues from Marketo.
  • For the Neo integration Job we have updated the sending URLs.

  • An issue where Agency users where not able to import job settings.
  • Updated permission for the API users Creative Manager and Agency.
  • On the Form Builder we made some fixes on the constraints field type.

Version 3.53.14

Released 2019/07/18

New Features
  • Added permission for Agency Users to create/edit global validation lists.
  • Added in 'download table' as 'CSV' buttons to Validation List section and Value Transforms.
  • Added new options to the Dashboard table (including caution leads, unsigned contracts, revenue, sales and some others).

  • Optimisation for validation list import.

Version 3.53.12

Released 2019/07/16

New Features
  • Allow unmasked Agencies to be able to edit lead data.

  • Performance Improvements to “Import Settings” on a Processr Job > Config.
  • API update to show caution leads on the '/api/v4/campaigns::statistics.

Version 3.53.1

Released 2019/07/09

New Features
  • Recommended white papers now shows by tag or category.

  • Connected App - Improved Marketo Pull Handling.
  • Form deletion to be able to add new form with same slug.

Version 3.52.8

Released 2019/07/08

New Features
  • We have now added ordering to campaign level value transforms which now allows you to perform a manipulation after a transform has run.

  • Speed improvements to run duplication jobs.
  • Updated publisher account creation email wording.
  • Fixed search on connected apps tables.

Version 3.51.13

Released 2019/06/24

New Features
  • We have now added management of batches in System -> Batch Management - this will allow you to see all outgoing batch deliveries from the platform.

  • We have removed old user roles from all platforms (Sales, Financial Manager).
  • Leads -> Bulk edit, integrate multiple leads.

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