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Campaign API Endpoint

Cleanse, validate and verify data from your own internal system or ESP before sending to a CRM system or directly to a client. Here at Convertr we have a few ways of getting data into the Convertr system in a secure and automated fashion, with our P

Whitepaper Groups Tag

Give your users complete customisation in white paper grouping by adding tags your white paper asset. Previously, our out-the-box white paper solution gave users the option to group their white papers by advertiser name and by parent & subcatego

‘Always Deliver’ Integration Jobs

With our ever growing list of integrations into ESP’s, we know the importance of keeping your data up to date in correlation with Convertr. Based on great feedback from our partners, we have created an option to ‘always deliver’ integration jo

‘Remember Me’ Form Type

We’ve improved our form experience by reducing the amount of interaction required for our users. Introducing our ‘Remember Me’ form type. The example below shows the usual form fields for a white paper landing page, however, there is an additi

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